Ara Bernier

Marketing Manager


Ara is a marketing manager currently residing in the city of Marikina in the Philippines. She is outgoing and creative. Her hobbies include fashion, travelling, and taking stunning photos for her Instagram influencer account. Ara’s mission is to help others using her marketing know-how. As a person who has knowledge of how to market herself, Ara knows a thing or two about marketing her client’s company, products, and services.

I graduated from university with all the tools I needed to make a success in my chosen field. I now have five years of experience in marketing and haven’t looked back once. I was able to utilize the knowledge that I gained from my degree not just in my career, but also in my personal life in conjunction with my hobbies.

I have never really thought of marketing as work because I love socializing and team-building that comes along with this profession. I am lucky to work in a field that I love. Not only is marketing my chosen career path, but it’s also an integral part of my personal life.

My problem-solving, analysis, and planning skills allow me to drive the results that my clients demand. Not all media marketers can say this. Many people think that marketing is an easy task that you can do from a beach resort or tropical island. Granted, my work allows me a lot of freedom. But success in this industry also requires tenacity, dedication, and execution. And that often means setting aside personal desires to deal with urgent client requests.

I pride myself on my work ethic and professionalism. My ability to implement the strategies that I suggest to clients is unmatched. I’ve spent years trying out different approaches and learning from my mistakes on my own Instagram Influencer account. I am always improving by analyzing and learning from my mistakes. I have a proven sales track record showing this progress, and I love helping clients save money and time by leading them in the right direction.

In the casino industry, clients come from all over the world. As a traveller, I love to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds to create content that fits their unique needs.

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