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Have you ever thought about playing poker online? Are you intrigued by the people who play it? With the advent of the internet, players worldwide can play with people from another continent. However, if you are just beginning in poker, several things need to be established before jumping into a poker game. To start with, you should know the best site for online poker play. In this guide, we have explained everything you need to know about playing poker online.

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Best Casinos To Play Poker For Real Money

Review sites dedicated to online gambling are the best places to look for poker games online for real money. These sites will give you an honest opinion about the various online casinos.

Online Poker Main Rules Explained

Online Poker Main Rules Explained

At first, it may seem that playing poker online is very different from playing in a live casino, but some basic rules will help you make the transition with ease. To play successfully, you need to understand what constitutes a good hand and what doesn't and know the basic rules of poker.

Here are some general rules when you play online poker that can help get started no matter what style of play you prefer:

  • Rule 1: Choose a number or group of numbers you want to bet on
  • Rule 2: Choose a bet amount that is suitable for your bankroll
  • Rule 3: Place your bet on the number/numbers of your choice
  • Rule 4: Wait for the dealer to spin the wheel and reveal the winning number
  • Rule 5: Collect your winnings if you guessed the number correctly
  • Rule 6: Place another bet and try again

Card Values And Possible Combinations In Online Poker

Card Values And Possible Combinations In Online Poker

All cards have a value equal to the number of points indicated on them. For example, the King, Queen, and Jack value is 10 points, while Ace is 1 point or 11 points depending on which is more advantageous in a particular combination.

Card combinations in online casino poker are as follows:

High card: The highest card forms a combination. If two or more players have cards of the same rank, then the one with the highest suit wins.

One pair: Two cards of the same rank and three unpaired cards form a combination that wins over high card combinations. If two players have one pair, then the player with the higher pair wins.

Two pairs: Two pairs and one unpaired card form a combination that wins over one pair combinations. In case two players have two pairs, then the player with the higher pair wins.

Online poker winning combinations
Online poker winning combinations Probability Odds
Royal Flush 6.000:1 0,00016927
Straight Flush 750:1 0,00119788
Four of a Kind 500:1 0,00199472
Full House 36:1 0,02717299
Flush 25:1 0,04004129
Three of a kind 20:1 0,04977518
Straight 14:1 0,07158417
Two pair 9:2 0,23065464
One pair 5:2 0,41663862

Poker Types Of Bets Explained

Poker Types Of Bets Explained

Even if you have been playing ordinary poker for years, learning the different online poker Philippines bets available will help you make better decisions when it comes time to bet. Here are the basic poker betting types explained:

  • Donk bet: It is a bet made by the aggressor from the prior betting round, denying them an opportunity to make a continuation bet.
  • Continuation (C-bet): Continuation bets occur when the pre-flop raiser bets again on a later community card. Continuation bets are often bluffs but can be semi-bluffs with solid hands.
  • Overbet: The overbet, or "over-bluff," refers to a higher bet than the size of the pot. It's a relatively rare move in poker but can be very effective if used properly.
  • Underbet: Underbet is a poker term for wagering an amount that is too small to get the desired response from an opponent. For example, it might be a bet that is too small to get a player to fold, or it may be a raise that is too small to get a player to call.
  • Three-bet (re-raise): Refers to when you re-raise a pre-flop raise. Usually, after an initial bet, you have the option to call or raise. If you choose to raise, that's considered a three-bet.
  • Value bet: It is a bet made when you believe you have the best hand. You are looking to get a call from worse hands to maximise your profits. Value bets are usually made when you think your opponent has a medium-strength draw or is weaker.
  • Pot bet: A pot bet is simply a bet that matches the size of the entire pot, which at any point in the hand is the sum of all bets made so far plus all calls to be made.

Odds Of Being Dealt Certain Starting Hands

The odds of being dealt specific hands vary from game to game, and you can find these in the table below.

Poker Types Of Bets Explained
Hand Odds Probability
A-Ks (or specific cards of the same suit) 0,00302 331-1
AA (or any pair of the same color) 0,00453 220-1
A-Ks, K-Qs, Q-Js or J-10s (cards of the same suit) 0,0121 81,9-1
AK (or any other non-pair, incl. Cards of the same suit) 0,0121 81,9-1
AA, KK or QQ 0,0136 72,7-1
AA, KK, QQ or JJ 0,0181 54,3-1
Cards of the same suit, jack or higher 0,0181 54,3-1
AA, KK, QQ, JJ, or 10-10 0,0226 43,2-1
Cards of the same suit, 10 or higher 0,0302 32,2-1
Two connected cards of the same suit 0,0392 24,5-1
Connected cards, 10 or higher 0,0483 19,7-1
Two cards with a value of at least one queen 0,0498 19,1-1
Pocket Pair 0,0588 16-1
Two cards with a value of at least one jack 0,0905 10,1-1
Two cards with a value of at least 10 0,143 5,98-1
Connected cards (subsequently in rank) 0,157 5,38-1
Two cards with a value of at least 9 0,208 3,81-1
Neither connected nor in the same color, at least a 2-9 0,534 0,873-1

Know Your Odds To Win

Know your odds of winning

Online poker games are so excited, and no matter your skill level, you can always learn to play better. One of the best ways to improve your poker game is learning to calculate pot odds.

Pot odds are a ratio between the amount of money you want to win and how much you need to put in a pot to win it. For example, if you want to win $20 but have to put $5 in the pot, that's 4-to-1 pot odds.

Pot odds help you determine whether it makes sense to call bets or not. For example, if you want a hand with at least a 1-in-3 chance of winning, but it only costs 2-to-1 pot odds, it's worth calling because there is expected value in the call.

Know Your Odds To Win
For example Outs Turn River Turn or River
    Odds Probability Odds Probability Odds Probability
Inside the royal flush; poker 1 0,0213 46,0-1 0,0217 45,0-1 0,0426 22,5-1
Open-ended straight flush; drill 2 0,0426 22,5-1 0,0435 22,0-1 0,0842 10,9-1
The high sheet 3 0,0638 14,7-1 0,0652 14,3-1 0,1249 7,01-1
Inside line; full house 4 0,0851 10,8-1 0,0870 10,5-1 0,1647 5,07-1
Drill or a couple 5 0,1064 8,40-1 0,1087 8,20-1 0,2035 3,91-1
Any couple 6 0,1277 6,83-1 0,1304 6,67-1 0,2414 3,14-1
Full house or poker 7 0,1489 5,71-1 0,1522 5,57-1 0,2784 2,59-1
Open-ended line 8 0,1702 4,88-1 0,1739 4,75-1 0,3145 2,18-1
Flush 9 0,1915 4,22-1 0,1957 4,11-1 0,3497 1,86-1
Inside a row or pair 10 0,2128 3,70-1 0,2174 3,60-1 0,3839 1,60-1
Open-ended straight flush or pair 11 0,2340 3,27-1 0,2391 3,18-1 0,4172 1,40-1
Inside line or flush 12 0,2553 2,92-1 0,2609 2,83-1 0,4496 1,22-1
An open-ended line or pair 13 0,2979 2,36-1 0,3043 2,29-1 0,5116 0,955-1
Open-ended line or flush; flush or pair; Inside line or flush or pair 14 0,3191 2,13-1 0,3261 2,07-1 0,5412 0,848-1
Inside line or flush or pair;
Open-ended line or flush, pair
15 0,3830 1,61-1 0,3913 1,56-1 0,6244 0,601-1
Open-ended line or flush, pair 16 0,4468 1,24-1 0,4565 1,19-1 0,6994 0,430-1

Best Bonuses To Play Poker Online For Real Money

Bonuses are a way to entice players to place bets and increase the site's overall profile. They come in many different flavours, including sign-up bonuses, cashback bonuses, match bonuses, and reload bonuses. Sign-up bonuses are the ones the players get when they sign-up at a particular online casino. Besides, cashback bonuses help you win over the wagers you lost during a gambling session. On the other hand, match bonuses and reload bonuses are provided to gamblers to make the platform even more lucrative and fun to play.

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Best Poker Strategies You Should Know

Winning at poker is a long-term process. Start with the basics, learn how to play poker, and practice with free poker games online before moving on to real money poker. Below you'll find a comprehensive selection of online poker strategies to help you win.

Short Stack Strategy

Short Stack Strategy

This strategy involves playing relatively few chips with the blinds and antes, which means you have to play very tight. This is why short stack strategy is also known as tight-aggressive.

There are several reasons why this style of play is so popular:

  • It's easy to learn and put into practice
  • You can get away with a lot of mistakes
  • Short stacks are more challenging to play against than big stacks
Big Stack Strategy

Big Stack Strategy

This strategy is used when you have a large stack relative to the blinds. This means that you can exercise more control over the pot size and the leverage you put on your opponent. You can also pressure your opponents by frequently betting or raising, forcing them out of the hand if they do not improve.

Most Popular Poker Variations

Every poker online real money game has a different structure. If you are new to the game, the most popular poker variations are here.

Texas holdem - online poker

Texas Hold'em

Each player receives two cards and can combine them with five standard cards to make their best possible five-card hand. Today, this is the most popular poker variation and is played in almost every tournament and event.

Omaha hi-lo - online poker

Omaha Hi-Lo

It is a poker variation in which the pot is split between the highest and lowest hands. The rules of Omaha Hi-Lo are simple: You've got five cards on the table, and you want to see if you can make your best hand by discarding as many of your cards as possible.

Five card draw - online poker

Five-Card Draw

It's a form of poker that's very simplified and most easy to learn among beginners. The object of the Five-Card Draw is simple: make the best five-card hand possible after one draw and bet accordingly.

Pot limit omaha - online poker

Pot-Limit Omaha

It involves four hole cards and five community cards (with betting rounds in between), and you'll need to use two of your hole cards to make up your final hand. This means there's a far more comprehensive range of possible outcomes.

How To Start Playing Online Poker?

  1. Choose A Casino From Our List

    The best way to start is to use our list of the best poker online sites. We've rated each site and given a detailed review of what they offer.

  2. Claim A Big Welcome Bonus

    Many online poker sites offer big welcome bonuses to entice new players, so take advantage! Often, you can even claim big welcome bonuses in your first week or two of playing.

  3. Making Sure You're Secure

    The security goes beyond just ensuring that your personal information is secure – you should also be making sure that your money is safe and you can withdraw when you win.

  4. Play For Fun Or Real Money

    With online poker real money Philippines casinos, you can play and earn actual cash, while some other casino lets you play poker online gratis, which is excellent for beginners who want to learn the basics of the game before risking their own money.

  5. Play And Win!

    Remember that, like in any other game, poker takes some learning process. You will not learn everything from any one article or any one book. The important part is that you keep trying and keep improving. Good luck!

A Few Tips For Poker Players

Here are a few tips for players who are just beginning their poker journeys that can help you get started on the right foot as a poker player.

  • Practice On Free Poker

    Practice On Free Poker

    If you've never played before, it's a good idea to start with online poker free play, where you can play against other people without having to bet any real money.

  • Understand Hand Rankings And Odds

    Understand Hand Rankings And Odds

    The more you learn about poker and the more you play, the better you'll get at assessing the strength of your hand versus that of your opponents.

  • Mind The Paytables

    Mind The Paytables

    They tell you how much you can win if you hit the right hand. And if you ever play video poker, paytables are crucial.

  • Don't Guess, Learn Basic Strategy

    Don't Guess, Learn Basic Strategy

    The best way to play any hands is to learn the correct strategy. It's a simple fact. You don't have to guess if you know the correct way to play a hand before the flop.

  • Don't Consume Alcohol While Playing

    Don't Consume Alcohol While Playing

    It's easy to get carried away when you get drunk, so stick to soft drinks or water at the table and don't drink too much. The same goes for eating food at the table.

  • Manage Your Bankroll

    Manage Your Bankroll

    Your bankroll is the amount of money you have set aside to play poker. You want to make sure you only play with money you can afford to lose.


What is online poker?

Online poker generally refers to playing your favourite card game over the internet.

Is it safe to play poker online?

Playing online is considered perfectly safe as long as you know how to find a reputable site.

What do I need to start playing?

If you wish to play online, you will need a computer or a mobile device with an internet connection.