Live Poker

Since the first online casino was launched, a revolution began among casino games, including poker. Poker is one of the most popular games today, both for online and land-based casinos. With the help of modern technology, today, you can enjoy your favorite online live poker title at online casinos wherever you are.

The best part is that the real casino atmosphere is preserved in these online games so that you can have the best possible gambling experience. Below we will talk about live poker games as well as where you can play them.

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Best Casinos For Live Poker

Try To Beat a Dealer at Live Poker

Poker is a challenging and interesting game where you compete with other players. Whether they are experts or not, it is very important to prepare your tactics before the game. With a few helpful tips and tricks, you can make even more money by playing online poker live.

It is very important to choose the live casino poker game in which you feel most comfortable. Also, you should always pay attention to other players and try to read their intentions. On the internet, you can find a lot of similar tricks and tips on how to beat a dealer in poker live online.

Probabilidade de uma carta maior surgir na mesa ao segurar um par de mão
Probability of an overcard appearing on the board when holding a pocket pair
Hand Overcard on Flop Overcard on Complete Board
2-2 100% 100%
3-3 99,9% 99,9997%
4-4 99,4% 99,988%
5-5 98,1% 99,91%
6-6 95,8% 99,6%
7-7 92,1% 98,8%
8-8 86,7% 96,9%
9-9 79,3% 93,3%
10-10 69,5% 86,9%
J-J 57% 76,3%
Q-Q 41,4% 59,9%
K-K 22,6% 35,3%
A-A 0% 0%

Types of Online Live Dealer Poker Bets

Playing live poker, it is also very important how you place bets with real money. Different tactics can often differentiate between gain and loss. Below, you can find a table with valuable information about different types of poker bets.

Best Bonuses for Playing Live Poker for Real Money

Bonuses are the best way to increase the available funds in your online casino account. Options like match bonus, no deposit bonus reload bonus, and VIP bonus will increase your winnings or allow you to try new games or tactics without risk. You can find a lot of different poker bonuses, so it is important to know when and how you can use them.

King Billy
Welcome package: $1,000 + 200 Free Spins
Welcome package: $500
Welcome package: $500
Vulkan Vegas
Welcome package $1,000 + 125 Free Spins
Welcome package $120 + 120 Free Spins
Welcome package: ₱18,000
Live Poker From Ezugi

Live Poker From Ezugi

Founded in 2012, Ezugi is a well-known company that produces live games of the best quality. They use the latest technology, which enables players to have the best live poker experience. Ezugi offers a wide range of different live games to choose from, each one specific in its brilliant features. Casino live poker fans will surely love all the variations of their favorite game from this provider.

Live Poker From Evolution Gaming

Live Poker From Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is one of the most famous software developers in the online gambling industry. Although it is a relatively new company, they gained a name and reputation in a short time. With the latest technology, they provide their players with a large selection of live games, including poker. You can find various types of live poker from this provider, and you will surely enjoy their great features.

Top 3 Casinos for Live Poker

In this section, we will describe some of the most popular casinos where you can play live poker online in more detail.

Spin Samurai

If live games are your favorite, this is a place you should definitely visit. Spin Samurai online poker live casino has a very interesting dark design that will give you a pleasant betting ambiance. When it comes to selecting live games, the options are really wide. This online casino works with a large number of recognizable gaming developers, so here every type of player will find something for their taste.

Spin Samurai

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Shambala is another live poker casino with a very interesting and attractive design. A large number of developers are behind the huge selection of live games of the best quality. This casino is known for its great bonus promotions that you can take advantage of. Our warm recommendation is to visit this site where you are guaranteed fun.


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While researching the best online casinos, TrueFlip caught our eye as a very interesting place for online gambling. Here you can find a really large range of different live games, including poker. All titles are of top quality so that you can count only on the best gambling experience.


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Tips at Live Poker for a Better Game

  • Play at Low Stakes First

    Play at Low Stakes First

    Poker is an unpredictable game, and every day at an online casino is different. That is why it is very important to play with smaller stakes at the beginning. In this way, you can examine the game and prevent potential big losses.

  • Learn the Rules

    Learn the Rules

    Only when you learn all the rules of a poker game can you feel completely confident and make the most of it. Therefore, before the game itself, get acquainted with all the rules.

  • Choose the Right Strategy

    Choose the Right Strategy

    Prepared strategy is one of the most important formulas for success in poker online gambling. Choose a strategy that you know the most and that best suits the type of poker live game you are playing.

  • Don’t Fail for Guaranteed Winnings

    Don’t Fail for Guaranteed Winnings

    When gambling online, it's all about making decisions. Of course, it is always desirable to bring the right one, which is sometimes not the case. Be sure to take advantage every time you have the chance of a guaranteed win.

  • Play for Free First

    Play for Free First

    Most online casinos offer demo play or gambling for free. Take advantage of these offers and try your strategy on a particular poker game without any risks. Only when you feel completely ready, embark on an adventure with real money.

  • Take Advantage of Bonus Offers

    Take Advantage of Bonus Offers

    Bonuses have always been the best friends of online players. Take advantage of these offers whenever possible and increase your start-up capital. You can also use the bonus money to try out some new titles or strategies.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Poker

It's time to summarize all the impressions and show all the pros and cons of live poker.

  • Advantages

  • Live poker is available on many platforms
  • It's great for players who like to compete
  • No initial large amount is required
  • There are a lot of great bonus offers
  • Limitations

  • Live online poker is always unpredictable
  • It is a very fast-paced game
  • It is much easier to read players in poker rooms

More Bonuses For Live Poker Players

Online casinos offer different types of bonuses to attract different types of players. Definitely the most popular and biggest bonus is the welcome bonus. With the first deposit, you can get a certain percentage of your amount as well as a large number of free spins. In addition to this promotion, active players will expect other bonuses throughout the week.

Welcome package: $500 + 180 Free Spins
Welcome package: $500
Welcome package: $500
Casino Room
Welcome package: $1,500 + 100 Free Spins
Spin Samurai
Welcome package: $800 + 75 Free Spins
Welcome package: $3,000 + 150 Free Spins


Which are the best online casinos for live poker?

You can check our list with the best online casinos for live poker and pick the one that suits you the best.

Can I play live poker on my mobile phone?

Of course, most online gambling sites are fully adapted for all types of mobile devices.

Can I play live poker games for free?

Online casinos have the possibility of a demo game or betting completely free and without any risks.