Houston O’Keefe

Houston O’Keefe

Manager of Sales

  • Age: 29
  • Address: President Aguinaldo Street, Philippines


Houston is a manager of sales hailing from Cebu City in the Philippines. He is respectful and calm. He is always eager to help others – including strangers, friends, family, staff, and clients. Houston is a social person who loves to work with people from various backgrounds. His mission is to foster a peaceful, productive work environment and build bridges between him, his team, and clients.

I finished my degree a few years back and have spent the last 4+ years working as a sales manager. I love working with people; the word ‘shy’ is not even in my dictionary. Sales management is the perfect arena for me to use my excellent oral and verbal communication skills. Great communication leads to client satisfaction and sales by building peace and understanding.

In business, communication nurtures long-lasting, trust-based relationships. When our clients feel heard and understood, they know they can trust us time and again to meet their needs. When my team feels heard and understood, they work more efficiently and successfully together and as individuals.

As a people-oriented person, I find it natural and rewarding to manage a team and communicate with my clients to foster precisely these types of relationships. The casino industry is such an amazing place where people from many backgrounds and skill-sets come together. The varied experience of those I work with is one of my favorite things about working in this industry.

My clients come from many countries and cultures, and my work team consists of individuals from design, marketing, creative, sales, management, and many other niches. We all meet here in the casino industry to create value-driven content and products for our clients and their customers.

I love nurturing the relationships that make these projects possible and using my focused energy, my communication skills, my administrative skills, and my hospitable nature for the benefit of a project, others, and my company.

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