Demetris Jast



Demetris is a game designer from Dumaguete in the Philippines. He is passionate about painting and literature. He’s self-motivated and ambitious. One of Demetris’ hobbies is studying French; he’s reached a conversational level. His vision is to create award-winning games and become one of the best game designers in the world.

After graduating from University with top honors, I worked at various companies as a graphic designer creating websites, packaging, posters, web assets, and many more designs. From this experience, I developed into a versatile designer who can now produce excellent web and print design.

However, it took me a while to realize that my true passion lay in game design for the casino industry. Since finding my true calling, I have worked in the game design industry for many years, honing my skills and developing a very strong visual understanding of game graphics. Not only is game design my profession, but it’s also my passion. I absolutely adore it.

I use my artistic flair and passion to create designs that go above and beyond the norm. With game design, there is so much freedom and opportunity for creativity, and I take full advantage of the game design process to unleash mine.

Communication is key to my creative process. Speaking with clients about their vision is where I lay the foundations of the client’s project before moving onto the design itself. I use my strong language skills to liaise with clients and understand their needs. Secure foundations are a necessity for success; without them, a project will surely crumble.

I love to see happy clients and engaged customers. I pride myself on delivering projects that meet and exceed a client's brief. The casino industry is always interesting. That’s why I love to work in it and create casino-related content for those who love to be a part of this industry too.

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