Most Fun Slot Bonuses Types! Find Out Which Games Provide the Best In-Game Bonuses!

Gone are the days of just spinning and winning on slot games. Even though immersive graphics and sound effects haven’t lost their charm yet, software developers have taken it upon themselves to make slot gaming even more exciting.

The introduction of in-game bonuses in slots allowed variation in gameplay, adding to the ways that you could win with every spin. If you want to learn more about the latest innovations in the mechanics of slot gaming, you’re in the right place. This article will provide information on various in-game bonus types, our recommended slots, and how to select games based on this.

Types of In-Game Bonuses Available

Just to be clear, this is not an exhaustive list of in-game bonuses. Developers sometimes combine certain types into one to make their games unique. However, just to better illustrate the variety, here are the various types that you’ll see:

Free spins bonusFree Spins

A free spins bonus is a great way to start playing in a casino because, as it says in the name, it’s free. There are two main ways by which you can obtain them while you’re playing slots:

  1. Getting Scatter symbols during the base game. Usually, the mechanics say that you need at least three to get the free spins.
  2. Using the Bonus Buy feature. Here, you’re guaranteed free spins if you pay a lot of money, like 100x of your original bet amount.

This is one of the more common forms of bonuses. So, you can easily find it in various slot titles. In Novomatic’s Book of Ra, at least three scatters are needed to activate the free spins. A big book will appear, and symbols will move through it. The last symbol in this book will determine how long the free spins will last.

Pick and Click bonusPick & Click

Pick & click is something that’s easy to understand. When presented with the option, simply click the symbol and get the reward. In some cases, the bonus itself is a surprise, but in others, you already know what you’re going to get.

Siren Symphony by True Lab has both. You can select the type of bonus round that you’ll participate in. However, you can also pick and click a treasure chest and get the reward revealed inside.

Bonus wheel logoBonus Wheel

The bonus wheel has various sections, and where you land will determine what you win. There are many ways to activate it, and the prerequisites are established by the software developer.

An example of a game that has this feature is Wheel of Wonders. Its Ancient Wheel feature is activated when you add a completed row of additional positions. Here, you can win base game features, bet multipliers, and total multipliers.

Jackpot bonusJackpots

A jackpot is a large cash prize that you can get when playing a slot game. This can be a fixed amount or based on your wager. There are two common ways by which you can land a jackpot:

  1. Landing certain symbols on a certain payline
  2. Activating a bonus round

There may also be more than one type of jackpot in the game, usually categorized based on the payout. An example of a game with this bonus feature is Mega Moolah by Games Global, which has four jackpots: Mega, Major, Minor, and Mini.

Multiplier bonusMultipliers

Multipliers can increase the amount that you can get based on the multiplier value. Depending on the game, there are many conditions by which you can increase the multiplier for the game:

  • Get free spins. Receiving free spins usually entails access to the bonus round, where a multiplier may apply to all your wins.
  • Land more than one winning payline or a tumble win. In other slot games, your multiplier will continue to increase for every winning payline or tumble that you get.
  • Get it as a reward. If you unlock a bonus mode, multipliers may be one of your potential prizes.

Practically every slot game has this feature, but one of the more unique ones is Songkran Splash by PG Soft. Here, winning symbols on reels 3 to 5 will increase the multiplier by 1 for the reel. Then, the total value of the multipliers is summed and added to your win amount. Then, by the end of the round, the multiplier will go back to 1x.

Slot Selection Based on In-Game Bonuses

The bonuses mentioned in this article have vastly elevated the expectations that players have on an average slot game. That’s why, today, most options have at least one type of bonus available.

Do you want to try new online slots and enjoy various slot titles? Consider these in the slot selection process. However, if you want to skip the search part and get started with playing, head to the next section.

Take Advantage of the Demo Mode

Many casino options allow you to try the games for free through the Demo mode. This allows you to get a feel of the game before betting for real to limit spending on titles that turn out not to suit your taste.

However, if your preferred online casino doesn’t offer Demo mode, you can also look for a slot title based on the game studio that offers it and try it there. Alternatively, the free version of slots is available here.

Assess the Bonuses

Software developers are free to assign perks and features to the bonuses they offer, so don’t assume anything. For example, Pragmatic Play’s Sweet Bonanza gives you more than just free spins. By getting at least three lollipop scatter symbols, you’ll also get as much as an 80x multiplier until you’re out of free spins.

So, read the information straight in the slot game. This will allow you to better assess the quality of the in-game bonuses compared with an alternative option.

Consider How Frequently You May Be Able to Access the Bonus

If the bonus is usually given as part of a bonus round, then you’ll rarely be able to experience it while playing. Do you want a higher chance of seeing bonuses as you spin the reels? Go for those that are available during the base game, like cascading reels.

Add Spice to Slot Gaming by Choosing Titles with In-Game Bonuses

These days, they won’t be too hard to find! Most online slots already feature at least one bonus. Find titles that appeal to you and start playing.

It’s just as important to ensure that you have a smooth gaming experience from the moment you deposit up until you’re ready to cash out. Check our top-rated casino reviews and decide on the perfect fit.

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