What Are the Best Online Slots for Big Rewards? Check Out Our Recommendations!

Slot developers are in a never-ending competition. They’re constantly promoting their releases based on various factors, including themes, features, and even game mechanics. But for players who want to win big, there’s nothing that can beat the appeal of high payouts.

Real money slots are being released all the time, encouraging game developers to push the envelope in terms of the overall gaming experience. However, if big rewards are the main selling point for you, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to focus on top slot options where massive wins await you.

How Did We Select the Best Slot Games to Win Big Money?

In presenting the top online slots for winning big, we have created two separate lists based on these two criteria:

  • Maximum Win. Maximum is the most common interpretation when we talk about big rewards. This is usually based on your bet amount, normally written as 1,000x, for example. If it’s an existing feature, the maximum win also represents the biggest fixed jackpot available.
  • Return to Player Percentage (RTP). The RTP tells you how much you’re going to get back for every peso you spend. This is represented as a percentage. For example, a 95% RTP means you’d normally get 95 cents for every peso spent. We’re also using this as an alternative interpretation because the highest RTP slot will technically be paying the most to the players collectively.

To maintain the accuracy of the list, we’re not going to include progressive jackpots. Those can go up or down at any time, so check them regularly instead. Take a look at new slot machines as well, just in case they’re part of a jackpot network.

Are You Looking for the Top Paying Slots? These Are the Best Slot Machines to Play Online

As we have explained in the previous section, it can be pretty hard to identify in absolute terms that a singular casino is the highest-paying one among all options. So, in the next two subsections, we’re going to talk about our top picks based on maximum win and RTP.

Based on Maximum Win

If we’re going by the maximum amount that you can win, here are the best-paying games out there:

Tombstone RIP by No Limit City

Tombstone RIP by No Limit City

You’ll truly feel alive if you hit the 300,000x max win on this slot. Released in 2022, this game takes you to the Wild West on the hunt for criminals to collect bounty. Because this title has extremely high volatility, a lot of players will go home with nothing. But a lucky few will be rewarded handsomely!

Starburst XXXtreme slot

Starburst XXXtreme by NetEnt Gaming

A sequel to Starburst that was released in 2012, this comes with some extreme makeovers. As if an in-game multiplier of 150x wasn’t enough, the XXXtreme version also comes with a potential max win of 200,000x of your bet amount. But here’s the catch: the bet sizes are relatively small compared to other gaming options.

MonkeyPop slot

MonkeyPop by AvatarUX

We love the Japanese art-inspired graphics, but we like the chance to land the max win of 197,500x even more. And in the bonus round, you get rewarded even before you use a free spin. Starting multipliers also await you to help you get the most value out of every winning payline.

Based on Return to Player Percentage (RTP)

If we’re using RTP as the basis, these should be at the top of your list:

Fruit Beats Xtreme slot

Fruit Beats Xtreme by Spinmatic

Fruit Beats Xtreme may look like your classic slot game, but how it works says otherwise. Aside from its impressive 99.08% RTP, this game features the possibility of getting Expanding Random Wilds, which will cover the entire reel. This, in turn, will help you land even more of the 25 paylines.

Ugga Bugga slot

Ugga Bugga by Playtech

Get lost in the jungle and find lots of wins with this low-volatility slot with an RTP of 99.07%. Here, there are ten single-payline reels that spin independently of the others, which gives you ten chances to win in just one spin. Look out for the Tribal Warrior and Tiki Head Wild symbols that can help you further boost your rewards, too!

Book of 99 slot

Book of 99 by Relax Gaming

As regular casino testers, we’ve seen just how powerful the expanding symbol is in helping players land as many paylines as possible. With the Book of 99, this isn’t the most interesting factor. Featuring an RPT of 99%, this game only has ten paylines across its five reels. In the base game, there’s also a meter that you can fill by collecting book symbols. If you collect 99, you get ten free spins even without landing three Scatters.


What Should You Remember Before Playing the Best Slot Casino Online for Top Pays?

The potential wins definitely look exciting. But before you go ahead and spin, remember these things:

  1. You won’t win every time.

    High max wins are normally associated with high volatility slots, which means they give very infrequent wins. Meanwhile, even the highest RTP still stacks the odds for the casino. On average, even a 99% RTP game literally takes 1 cent for every peso spent.

  2. Take advantage of casino offers.

    If you’re playing a slot title from our list of online casinos in the Philippines, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to grab free spins and deposit bonuses. These can help you better manage the losing spins since you technically won’t be spending your own funds. Check out free spin offers in casinos to see which ones you can claim.

  3. Try playing for free.

    If you’re not sure yet about your choice, you can always play for free first. Many online casinos provide this option through the demo mode, but you can also try out the best free online casino slot games here.


Which slot should I play to win big?

Playing slot games doesn’t guarantee a win. Your best bet is to stick with high RTP slots that also have high maximum wins.

What is the acceptable RTP for a title to be considered a high-paying slot?

Any slot with an RTP higher than 96% is considered high-paying, but remember, this isn’t the only factor that affects your likelihood of winning. Volatility plays a huge part in how often a slot game will reward a spin.

Can I get slot rewards without using money?

Yes. If you have free spins, you’ll be able to play without using money while still getting a real money payout. However, in most online casinos, these are subject to wagering requirements, so you may still need to shell out some cash.

How do slots determine who will get the big reward?

The simple (and somehow complicated) answer is they don’t. The win is decided by a Random Number Generator or RNG, which determines a random outcome for the round. Assuming that the slot you’re playing has been independently tested for fairness, it’s safe to say that no external influence is responsible for your win or loss.

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