Learn How to Play Keno in an Online Casino: Expert Guide with Useful Tips and Tricks

Keno is a top game that requires you to have both mathematical acuity and lady luck on your side. But if both align, you’ll have the chance to win big. Learn more about this form of entertainment and how you can maximize your odds in this game of luck.

Keno game

What Is Keno?

Keno is a game that incorporates elements from lottery games. Like with a lottery, the number of your catch (the number of matches between the numbers drawn and your picks) determines how much you’ll win. Even though it originated in China, it has since gained worldwide popularity.

Keno Gambling Options

Below are the different types of bets that you can make when playing Keno. What will be available to you will depend on the Keno game that you’re playing.

  • Standard Bet. Select up to 20 numbers in one round.
  • Split Bet. Choose more than one set of numbers to bet on, where each set is considered separate from the rest.
  • Way Bet. You’re splitting the numbers into equal groups so that they’re treated both as separate sets and as a whole.
  • Combination Bet. This combines two of the three types mentioned above.
  • King Bet. This is like a split bet, but there’s one number that’s present in all groups.

In general, online Keno in the Philippines has a relatively low minimum betting requirement. However, considering how quickly each round goes, we recommend sticking with just the standard bet if you’re a beginner.

A Look at One Game from Bet to Draw: How to Play Keno

There are 80 numbers in Keno that you can choose from, and 20 of them will be drawn to determine how much you win for the round. Here’s how it happens step by step in any top online casino in the Philippines:

  1. Select your numbers. Depending on the version you choose, you’ll be able to pick anything from 1 to 10 numbers either manually or using an auto picker. For some titles, you’ll even see the Keno numbers that come up the most.
  2. View the pay table. As you select the numbers, you’ll see where your potential win will be on the screen. You’ll notice that as you select more numbers, the potential maximum win will also go up.
  3. Finalize your wager. At the bare minimum, you’ll be able to adjust your bet amount. However, there may be other betting features like those mentioned in the previous section.
  4. The numbers are drawn. The standard is the 20-number draw. However, this may be less for some variations.
  5. Collect any winnings. After the fourth step, you’ll see how many numbers you got right. If you’re owed any winnings, they will automatically be added to your balance.

Then, the round starts again. For online Keno, this entire process can be as quick as five seconds.

Most Popular Keno Variations Online

If you like having a variety of games in online casinos, there are enough versions of Keno for you to explore. They all offer something distinct while still adhering to the spirit of the game.

  • Single Card. This version is great for beginners because it has the simplest mechanics: just pick the numbers and see what happens.
  • Multi-Card. Multi-cards are in every way the same as their single-card counterparts, except that they allow you to bet using more than one card per round.
  • Progressive Jackpot. If you correctly guess all numbers, you’ll win the progressive jackpot. The rules of each title can be different, so first, confirm which types of bets are accepted.
  • Power Keno. The rules are the same, except your winnings will be quadrupled if the last number drawn is a match.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Keno

Before you try playing at real money casinos, look at these tips and tricks. These should help you better balance the risk without closing the door to decent wins.

  1. Accept That the Numbers Are Drawn Randomly

    It’s natural for a person to try and find patterns. So, if you get frustrated about not landing wins, you may catch yourself trying to predict the next draw. Our advice? Don’t base your Keno system on any Keno Philippines strategy that reviews historical results.

  2. Try to Play for Free

    Ideally, the Keno title that you’re going to use for practice is the one you want to make real money bets at. To play for free, try to see if your online casino of interest offers a Demo version. Alternatively, search the game on the provider’s website.

  3. Select the Keno Titles with the Highest RTP Rates

    RTP represents the average theoretical return for every dollar bet. For example, if the RTP is 95%, it means that your average loss should be 5 cents. By going for the ones with the highest RTP, you’re minimizing your potential average losses.

  4. Understand That It’s All Probability Statistics

    That’s the secret! The odds of, let’s say, hitting two out of five numbers are always the same. It will always answer this question: how many ways can I get two out of the five numbers right if there are 20 draws and 80 numbers in total?


Do the best Keno number combinations exist?

As the numbers that will be drawn are determined purely by chance, there is no combination that will give you a higher chance of winning. However, some players go with the hot numbers and avoid their cold counterparts when picking numbers.

How is Keno different from Bingo?

A Bingo card already has assigned numbers on it. Meanwhile, when you play Keno, you decide what numbers you want on your ticket. With Keno, what other players win is not relevant to you.

What are the odds of getting ten numbers right in Keno?

Assuming 80 numbers on the board, the chance of getting all ten numbers is 1 in 8,911,712.

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