Good and Bad Strategies for Winning at Video Poker

If you gamble for fun, you definitely have a favourite game that you enjoy the most – lotteries, bingo, or poker. Each of these games seems to be designed to favour casinos, but they also have specific strategies players can apply to win.

Even though poker is a game where several strategies can be applied successfully, it is often misplayed with the wrong strategies as well.

Good Strategies

Video poker cards and a bonus

Video poker machines are one of the first electronic games to appear in casinos. The game offers a 99.54% chance of winning back your bet, as long as you play with the right strategies. Thus, it has one of the highest odds when it comes to gambling.

This is because video poker uses images from decks of cards, and some good video poker games actually mimic the same probabilities that you would find in a live deck of cards. This makes it easy to analyse the game and determine the payback percentage that will help you make better decisions to win.

Video poker games also offer the anonymity and privacy that live poker games do not provide. This reduces the pressure which comes with live poker.

That said, here are some good strategies that could help you win in video poker.

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Recognise the Best Pay Tables

When approaching a video poker machine, the first thing to do is check the pay tables. For example, when playing Jacks or Better, it is advisable to get a 9/6 pay table, as Jacks or Better machines that pay eight coins make it easier to lose.

Once you press the deal button to start and get dealt your cards, it is time to choose which cards will be replaced and which will be kept. Do not make this decision on the spot as it is very dangerous.

Take your time to choose your cards and make optimal decisions. It might be tempting to deviate and go for other promising strategies, but following the odds set is always advisable.

Poker bonus and coins

Use Bonuses and Promotions

While playing a video poker game, the promotions that casinos provide give the players a better chance of winning.

Since video poker is a game with a low house edge, some extra cash will have a lot of extra effect on your winning chances. With bonuses, you also can try different playing styles without risking too much.

Max icon

Play the Max

It is important to always play the maximum coins because video poker machines offer the highest payout for a royal flush card (i.e. the jackpot).

Playing the maximum coins also gets you a bonus win upon hitting a royal flush. Betting all five coins per hand and at a go will help you stand a chance to get the royal flush bonus.

However, if you don't feel lucky enough to play the maximum coins, you can drop down to a smaller amount of coins, although this will not get you the royal flush bonus.

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Join a Club

Player clubs are often created and designed to get you to play more and play for longer. Although this may sound a bit negative, like getting you addicted to it, joining a players' club also has many advantages.

For example, these clubs help you earn special bonuses given by casinos. These bonuses are for your benefit as they might reduce the house edge significantly.

Thus, it is recommended as a strategy to browse video poker player groups. Also, check for online casinos with the best benefits for their long-term video poker players.

Poker book

Video Poker Books and Training Software

Another strategy to get better at video poker is using those books and training software packages you see around.

Some of them are for sale while some are free. They help improve your game sense, and online casinos don't mind you using them. Jean Scott's strategy books are a good example.

Further, poker strategy cards are used mostly while playing, they are sold and laminated by the training software providers.

Bad Poker Strategies

Poker cards, chips and thumbs down

Now that we are done with good video poker strategies that will enhance your sessions, let's talk about a few strategies that will definitely end in a poker tragedy!

First, don’t be a poker player who thinks they can succeed by relying on intuition and hunches. The ones who trust more in what they think than in the strategies – they mostly fail, unfortunately.

The second bad strategy is not playing your max coins! It was mentioned earlier that you could play fewer coins if you are not comfortable playing max. But seriously, the payoff you can get with the royal flush is so high that it would be wrong to deny yourself of such a win.

Of course, if you can't play max, it is more advisable to opt for a lower stake machine that causes you fewer losses.


Now you know what strategies to apply when you play your next video poker game. Make sure to use them, and remember to take your time when playing!

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