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Play in Game of Thrones Slot Online From Microgaming for free now |
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Play in Game of Thrones Slot Online From Microgaming for free now |
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Where to Play Game of Thrones

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones became a famous award-winning TV series and took the world by storm. Microgaming has now transformed it into a modernized slot Game of Thrones with a medieval presentation from the popular TV series.

Microgaming's Game of Thrones time slot is a 5x3 reel slot game and is the new hot thing for online casinos. The up-and-coming game is set in Westeros’s fantastic world, centered around the four leading houses: Lannister, Baratheon, Stark, and Targaryen.

The game is available to play on 15 paylines or 243 ways to win. You can select to play for one house during the free spins presented as a welcome bonus, featuring three Iron Throne symbols.

As the four houses battle for the Iron Throne, you get the option to play for one or against them all and get awarded the Iron Throne yourself. The goal is to match the symbols.

One to ten coins give you a value of 0.01 to 0.1 per coin. Calculate your stake between 0.15 to 15 coins per spin. The minimum wagers on paylines start as low as 15p with the maximum topping £15, with 243 ways to win, a minimum of 30p, and maximum rising to £6.

The 15 paylines slot RTP currently stands at 95.03%, with its hits rating 24.71%. The 243 ways-to-win ranked 95.7%, with it landing at 27.97%. Compared to other slot games, the rankings are rather high, which shows a higher winning rate.

Game Design

The game's design matches the themed TV program with the Iron Throne’s slot in all its glory. The image and tracks recreate the famous show in a setting that fans and game enthusiasts can appreciate.

Theme and Graphics

Game of Thrones play is the world-renowned TV series featured on HBO and is the theme for this slot game. Characters don't appear on clips from the series, but the theme song runs during play, which adds life to the game, with high-definition graphics.

Sound and Experience

It presents the popular soundtrack to complete the experience. You can expect tracks for the four Westeros Houses.

Bonus Features

Players can win bonuses, such as the Wild Bonus, Stacked Wild Bonus, Scatter Bonus, and the Free Spins Bonus. When the lettered symbols land between the three and five, you can win two to 100 times your stake.

Scatter Bonus – The Iron Throne acts as the scatter symbol on the slots. When you get two scatter symbols, you win a cash prize that's a multiple of your stake.

Stacked Wild Bonus – When you play Game of Thrones, you'll find stacked wilds across all reels, featuring a dragon's egg when two scatter symbols appear on the reels.

Wild Bonus – The logo is the wild symbol. The wild symbol acts as a substitute for other symbols, except the Iron Throne scatter symbol.

Free Spins Bonus – Each house presents you with free spins and multipliers.

Gamble Feature – A rare Braavosi coin can advance you on a trail map showcasing many creatures from Westeros's world.

Game Symbols

Each house has specific incentives and rewards featured. It has K, A, Q, and J symbols representing each of the royals, with banners for each of the respective houses.

The Lannister symbols stack at four, while the highest of the lot, the Baratheon symbols, are stacked at three. Stark symbols are stacked at five and stacked Targaryen symbols rise to six.

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

House of Lannister – gifts you with 10 free spins, awarding you with a 4x multiplier.

House of Baratheon – aids you with 8 free spins with a multiplier of 5x.

House of Stark – 14 spins that houses a 3x multiplier.

House of Targaryen – 18 free spins with a multiplier of x2.

Paytables and Winning Combinations

Slots Symbols

Enter your line bet amount:
Slots Symbols
Icon Symbol 2 Symbols 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
Stacked Wilds Stacked Wilds x2 x13.33 x66.67
Scatter Scatter x1 x20 x200
Baratheon Baratheon x1.67 x10 x40
Lannister Lannister x1.33 x6.67 x33.33
Stark Stark x1 x5 x26.67
Targaryen Targaryen x0.8 x4 x23.33
Ace Ace x0.4 x1.33 x6.67
King King x0.33 x1 x5.33
Queen Queen x0.2 x0.8 x4.67
Jack Jack x0.13 x0.67 x4

Game of Thrones Jackpot

There are no progressive jackpots on the Game of Thrones time slot Philippines. Therefore, the game has a higher winning rate, increasing your chances of regular winnings, which are substantially lower than progressive jackpots.

243 Ways to Win Jackpot times stake:

Base game spin – 4,050

Lannister free spin – 4,050

Baratheon free spin – 20,250

Stark free spin – 12,150

Targaryen free spin – 8,100

15 Paylines Jackpot times stake:

Base game spin – 1,000

Lannister free spin – 4,000

Baratheon free spin – 5,000

Stark free spin – 3,000

Targaryen free spin – 2,000

Royal Houses of Westeros symbols times your stake:

  • 5 Targaryen dragon symbols are 300x
  • 5 Stark wolf symbols are at 400x
  • 5 Lannister lions are at 500x
  • 5 Baratheon stags are 600x

Mobile Compatibility

Game of Thrones play online is available on most devices. You can access the game on your mobile browser, and you can download it. The app and website can navigate with ease with its medieval yet straightforward design and layout.

The app supports Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, and it accommodates Windows on PCs, making it easily accessible.

Game of Thrones Hits and Misses

  • Advantages

  • Accessible via the app and browser
  • Well-developed game
  • Plenty of bonus options
  • High-end layout and design
  • Limitations

  • No progressive bonuses
  • Lower jackpot figures
  • Not showcasing clips or main characters


By far, the game is one of the most magical slots created by developers and stands out with its eye-catching features in its web and app interface. It may not house progressive jackpots, but the bonus packages and smaller rewards make it easier to win with increased winning rates.

Available on several devices, the game is a treasure chest for the Game of Thrones fandom and game enthusiasts. Players must remember to check the terms and conditions and wager requirements before gambling at online casinos.


How to get free coins?

You can start with the free bonus packages offered at online casinos that allow you to play first without real money.

How to win jackpots?

You can win the jackpot by matching the symbols on the paylines.

What's the RTP?

The 15 paylines slot RTP is at 95.03%, with a rating of 24.71%. The 243 ways-to-win ranks at 95.7%, with a score of 27.97%.